About Us

     The name Include Vintage is a concept many of us already do.  The tradition of a bride having something borrowed, hand me downs as a child or family heirlooms.  In a home, mixing vintage and modern creates an environment for a harmonious pairing.  Vintage styles are constantly re-emerging down the fashion runways with an updated twist.  Including vintage in your wardrobe increases your wearability for the long run, allows you to be unique and helps with sustainability for our environment.
     Tiare Keith is the owner, curator and stylist of Include Vintage.  The inspiration behind the store is an ode to her mom, Priscilla.  Priscilla always dressed up, there wasn't a print she didn't like or a high heel she turned away.  She always made sure her makeup was done and dressed up for any and every occasion.         
     Tiare's dad was in the military allowing her parents to travel around the world from Europe to Japan.  This made for beautifully collected items decorated around Tiare's childhood homes.  Priscilla taught Tiare about the beauty not only in decorating, clothing or appearances but in people, nature, forgiveness, playfulness, and more importantly being your most authentic self.  Include Vintage is a woman, minority and veteran owned business.  Thank you for your support.